Solar Bus Bar

solar bus bar
EMS is experienced in the solar power industry, ready to manufacture and supply bus bar in various configurations to fit your needs.

Photovoltaic Bus Bar: Aids in Greater Power Output, Higher Efficiency & Reduced Breakage

Solar photovoltaic bus bar is being leveraged at a record pace. In the early stages, solar panel photovoltaic cells used only 1 busbar, but over the years more and more photovoltaic bus bar are being utilized.

In solar panels, bus bars are typically found in busways and protective coverings. The use of bus bars in this manner provides the option of new opportunities for multiple transmission points throughout the solar configuration.

The amount of current that can be carried safely is dictated by the bus bar sizing. More photovoltaic bus bar used in a solar panel equates to reduced breakage, higher power output and greater efficiency.

Aluminum bus bar and copper busbar are now being utilized as an equally efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional silver.

After witnessing the tremendous impact of increasing bus bar in solar cells, more and more solar manufacturing companies in the U.S. and around the world, are taking advantage of this power distribution technology.

EMS Industrial has partnered with the solar manufacturing companies for many years. As an industry leading bus bar supplier we have manufactured bus bar to many types of configurations to meet our client’s specifications.

At EMS Industrial we pride ourselves on responding quickly to our customer’s requests, especially when their production demands exceed forecasts. We offer competitive pricing and use only the finest raw materials to ensure you get the best product available.