Electric Vehicle Bus Bar

electric vehicle bus bar
EMS is proud to be working with electric transportation manufacturers and their innovative solutions. EMS has the experience and capabilities to provide a custom bus bar solution for the most complex transportation electric battery bus bar needs.

When it comes to the electric vehicle industry, reliable operation is critical, which is why quality bus bar is an important component.

Lower Warranty Costs and Higher Customer Satisfaction

Our bus bar supports the reliability targets and goals of transportation equipment manufacturers around the world, which means transportation OEMs have lower warranty costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Electric Vehicle Power Distribution Solutions

We’re proud to manufacture for the rapidly growing electric vehicle sector. EMS provides robust and reliable electric car power distribution solutions for the transportation industry.

Customized Bus Bar Solutions

With EMS Industrial, all bus bar solutions can be customized to meet the most demanding electric vehicle application requirements.

A Single Source Solution

EMS Industrial provides single-source solutions, including bus bar fabrication, machining, punching, coating, plating & cutting.

Automotive & Transportation Battery Bus Bar

In addition, EMS also works with other sectors of the transportation industry, such as:

    • Automotive Battery Bus Bar
    • Aviation Battery Bus Bar
    • Locomotive Battery Bus Bar