Telecommunications Grounding Bus Bar

bus bar for telecommunications
EMS provides the grounding bus bars used in the telecommunications industry.

Bus Bar Manufacturers for Telecommunication Industries Provide Safer, Cost-Effective, Time-Saving Power Distribution Solutions

In recent years, telecommunication industries have experienced a surge in the utilization of grounding bus bar vs block-and-cable power distribution.

In the UK, many industry icons within the telecommunications market have implemented bus bar over traditional block-and-cable power distribution, including household names like BBC and Seagate. However, the U.S. is still lacking when it comes to leveraging the benefits of bus bar.

Bus bar is used in many telecommunication-related applications, including cell towers, phones, broadcasting systems, satellites, and more.

A few reasons why the industry favors bus bar over block-and-cable power distribution, include:

  • Easy, Accurate Estimation Costs
  • Time and Cost-Efficient Installation
  • Flexible Installation & Busbar System Expansion Opportunities
  • Ability to be Used in Harsh Environments
  • Ability to Resist Fire

As one of the top bus bar manufacturers for the telecommunication industries, EMS is proud to provide high quality bus bar fabrication that’s specifically catered to the needs of various telecommunication applications.

Our extensive range of supplemental capabilities means we serve as a single source solution for custom busbars. Some of our bus bar services include CNC punching (& press brake), precision water jet cutting, bus bar plating and more.

EMS also provides the grounding bus bar for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices used within the telecommunication industry.