Bus Bar Plating

bus bar plating
EMS provides various protective coating for metals. We provide bus bar plating in nickel, silver or tin.
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Client Testimony

“You know we love your quality and timelines…EMS consistently provides high quality copper bus bars and they almost always beat the original delivery dates. We have worked with EMS on many tight timelines and they have always come through to meet or exceed our delivery dates. “
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Bus Bar Plating with Nickel, Silver or Tin

Certain applications require plating in order to minimize oxidation. Protective coatings also allow the product to have a good contact surface, maintaining low resistant contact when attached.

Depending on the environment in which the part is located, plating can be:


Tin – specifically bright acid tin – is generally the most ubiquitous, based on its professional look and feel, prevention of oxidation & low resistivity. Additionally, tin is the most economical while still providing a high quality product. Tin is the most common plating option; however, other choices are available.


Silver is best for conductivity


Nickel plating is ideal for harsh environments

Client Testimony

“After a series of bus bar suppliers continued to disappoint on everything from lead times and cost to customer service, we gave EMS a try. We couldn’t be happier. Joe’s customer service and response times are fantastic, lead times are clearly stated and precise.  Even if the cost were more, we would continue to do business with EMS because of the solid customer service and quality of the product. “
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