Aluminum & Copper Bus Bar Machining

bus bar machining
State-of-the-Art Machining Centers Produce Utmost Precision & Repeatability in Aluminum & Copper Bus Bar Machining & Fabrication
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Client Testimony

“I found EMS Industrial & Service Company on the internet while searching for a company to make custom bus bar pieces. Our company had a project that required copper bus pieces for the power interconnection of electrical equipment. The size, shape, and the position of holes in the bus pieces had to be exact. EMS was very helpful in pointing out all the dimensions that they needed to make the pieces I needed. I had deadlines that I had to meet to make the project a success.
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Machining Centers Produce Utmost Precision & Repeatability in Bus Bar Fabrication

As a full-service bus bar manufacturer, EMS also provides machining services, in addition to forming.

Our state-of-the-art machines are optimized to machine copper and aluminum parts that meet our clients’ exact specifications.

These machining centers enable us to provide bus bar machining services with pin-point accuracy. The finished part is created to your exact drawing and specifications.

Our highly advanced machining centers also feature completely customizable programs, so EMS bus bar manufacturers can quickly and easily machine identical parts with utmost precision and repeatability.

Our continual investment in technology and machining equipment helps make EMS one of the top bus bar manufacturers in the U.S.

Client Testimony

“The quality and promptness of EMS parts, alone, make my job easier. Added with their excellent communication and competitive pricing, it really makes it a no-brainer to use EMS for all our bus bar needs.”
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