Bus Bar Fiber Laser Cutting

bus bar fiber laser cutting
EMS Industrial leverages powerful laser cutting technology for extremely fast & accurate bus bar cutting. This machine allows for processing of a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
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Client Testimonies

“You know we love your quality and timelines…EMS consistently provides high quality copper bus bars and they almost always beat the original delivery dates. We have worked with EMS on many tight timelines and they have always come through to meet or exceed our delivery dates. “
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Powerful Fiber Laser Cutting Technology Raises Bus Bar Manufacturing Expectations

EMS Industrial & Service Company is excited to announce our acquisition of 2 state-of-the-art Fiber Lasers. We partnered with the industry-leading Fiber Laser company in order to harness this powerful technology and bring it in-house as part of our bus bar service offerings.

The Fiber Laser uses a Fiber Optics generator to produce a beam of light. This light beam cuts bus bar extremely quickly & accurately. With cutting speeds up to 2,000 ipm and positioning speed up to 6,700 ipm, the Fiber Laser can process material incredibly fast.

This technology processes a wide variety of ferrous & non-ferrous metals to meet and exceed your bus bar needs.

The Fiber Laser is just one component that sets EMS Industrial apart from the competition and distinguishes us as the industry-leading bus bar manufacturer.

Fiber Laser Advantages:

  • High cutting speeds in thin sheet metal, including copper and aluminum
  • Process ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Multi kW high efficiency fiber laser source for dynamic processing
  • Maintenance free laser source…..means more up-time processing of material
  • Integrated shuttle table system for “lights out” processing
  • 5’ x 10’ table to allow for maximum productivity
  • Allows processing of thicker material

Maximum Thicknesses:

  • 3/4” for Aluminum
  • 3/4” for Copper and Brass

Client Testimonies

“I found EMS Industrial & Service Company on the internet while searching for a company to make custom bus bar pieces. Our company had a project that required copper bus pieces for the power interconnection of electrical equipment. The size, shape, and the position of holes in the bus pieces had to be exact. EMS was very helpful in pointing out all the dimensions that they needed to make the pieces I needed. I had deadlines that I had to meet to make the project a success.
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