Custom Bus Bars For Any Industry

EMS manufactures custom bus bars that are used in electrical applications for various industries throughout the world.
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Whether you’re in a factory, laboratory, or large technology environment, no setting is the same. Today’s industries are already complicated environments with workstations, machinery, and other equipment. EMS understands the need to have an energy solution that effectively runs equipment and that’s why we have been manufacturing custom bus bars for the last 25 years. At EMS, we pride ourselves on quality material selection, timeliness, and our ability to continuously exceed the specifications and expectations of our customers.

EMS Custom Electrical Bus Bar Fabrication
EMS manufacturers bus bars in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses, and ampacities. Our machining centers have the capability to manufacture products in different shapes ranging from flat sheets and bars to plated and round bar stock. EMS also provides value-added busbar services like epoxy coating, plating, bending, and more. Our custom bus bars are a simple solution to make power distribution easier as well as other great benefits:

  • Cost Efficiency – After installation, custom bus bars offer a low cost of ownership, removing the need for outside or additional electrical work.
  • Quick Installation – Custom bus bars offer quick, safe installation keeping wiring clean and organized. Once installed, power is distributed with no downtime that would otherwise limit operations.
  • Set for the Future – Our custom bus bars provide long, reliable service with minimal maintenance costs so you won’t need to think about replacements or fixes for the future.
  • Environmentally friendly – In addition to resisting environmental corrosion, bus bars are also environmentally friendly due to fewer materials needed as well as being reusable, and relocatable.

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Copper or Aluminum Custom Bus Bars?
Copper and Aluminum are both great materials that will meet the required demands when properly installed as well as designed to industry and environment standards. Here are a few key benefits of both copper and Aluminum.


  • Resilience to higher temperatures, providing security for short circuits.
  • High conductivity
  • Long life span and resistant to damage


  • Can handle a variety of currents
  • High conductivity with the ability to be reduced depending on alloy agents
  • Lightweight properties and cost-efficiency

To learn more about the difference between copper and aluminum, check out this article for more information or contact us for assistance selecting the right material for you.

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Bus Bar Sizes

EMS offers a variety of standard lengths & thicknesses. Custom sizes available upon request.

Urgent Order Needs

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