Generator Bus Bar

generator bus bar
EMS provides generator bus bar for the substation switchgear. Our copper bus bar is available in a wide range of shapes & sizes and provides excellent electrical conductivity with an exceptional cost-to-performance ratio.

Switchgear Busbar for Large-Scale Industrial Generators

EMS provides generator busbar for the substation switchgear. Our copper bus bar plays an imperative role in designing and manufacturing the switchgear.

Copper busbar provides excellent electrical conductivity with a fantastic cost-to-performance ratio.

Copper busbar also provides long and reliable service, delivering the proper amount of transmitted energy to the switchgear.

Generator Busbar Capabilities

We can create busbar for distribution of active and reactive loads.

Our busbar can satisfy a power range of 10MW – 400MW.

We can also fabricate custom bus bar by providing comprehensive, value-add services, including:

  • CNC Punching & Press Brake
  • Machining
  • Plating (nickel, silver or tin)
  • Epoxy Coating (insulated busbar)
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Fiber Laser Cutting

Generator Busbar Shapes & Sizes

Electrical busbar is available in a variety of shapes, including round, rectangular and cross-sectional; however, rectangular bus bar is most common in generator switchgear applications.

All bus bar is fabricated according to the specific mode of application and delivered fully finished according to specifications.

Whether you’re retrofitting an old electrical power plant, or building an entirely new one, EMS Industrial can provide you with the generator bus bar needed for safe, efficient, long-lasting switchgear power distribution.