Hydropower: combining water's energy and switchgears to produce electricity

bus bar for hydropower
EMS provides bus bar for the switchgears used to generate hydropower.

Bus Bar Manufacturer for the Hydropower Industry

EMS is a top bus bar manufacturer for the hydropower industry. We provide bus bars for hydropower industries.

Aluminum bus bars or copper bus bars can be used; however copper is most commonly used since aluminum bus bar must have a larger cross-sectional area to provide the equivalent electrical conductivity as copper.

Bus bar sizing is dependent on the number of amperes it’s required to carry.

Flat bus bars are preferable in this application to round bus bars as flat bus bars provide readily made connections and provide a greater radiating surface, which prevents increased resistance due to heating.

In hydroelectric plants, bus bar is used in transmitting current from the alternator to the transformer. The use of bus bars as a power distribution system in hydroelectric plants is growing at a rapid pace. Bus bar benefits within these applications are many, including their reliability, cost-efficiency and safety.

Other benefits include the ability to keep short circuiting problems confined within the area, as well as the convenience of being able to implement new segments when needed.

Hydropower is one of the main energy producers in the world due to their ability to serve as a clean and cost-effective energy source. EMS Industrial is proud to serve the global needs of the hydropower industry.