EMS Customer Testimonies

As your trusted bus bar manufacturer we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional product and quick turnaround. We pride ourselves in our collaborative team effort, attention to detail, and selection of products. EMS is dedicated to our customers and committed to delivering your bus bar requirements.
“The quality and promptness of EMS parts, alone, make my job easier. Added with their excellent communication and competitive pricing, it really makes it a no-brainer to use EMS for all our bus bar needs.”
“EMS is extremely dependable and never slips on a promised lead time. You guys are upfront about cost and delivery times…and flexible in expediting orders for the client at reasonable rates. Additionally, you are able to understand customer needs and if it needs additional operations that are outside your capabilities, you give us good guidance and coordinate orders for the customer to ease the entire process.”
“You know we love your quality and timelines…EMS consistently provides high quality copper bus bars and they almost always beat the original delivery dates. We have worked with EMS on many tight timelines and they have always come through to meet or exceed our delivery dates. “
“EMS has always worked closely with us to ensure the products were built correctly and delivered on time. Their lead times are some of the best in the business. Lucas and Joe have always been great to work with and make you feel like they always have your best interest in mind.”
“EMS takes customer service very seriously, from quick turn-a-round on quotes to all hands on deck in the event of a rare quality issue. They keep you informed and never leave you hanging.“
“After a series of bus bar suppliers continued to disappoint on everything from lead times and cost to customer service, we gave EMS a try. We couldn’t be happier. Joe’s customer service and response times are fantastic, lead times are clearly stated and precise.  Even if the cost were more, we would continue to do business with EMS because of the solid customer service and quality of the product. “
“I found EMS Industrial & Service Company on the internet while searching for a company to make custom bus bar pieces. Our company had a project that required copper bus pieces for the power interconnection of electrical equipment. The size, shape, and the position of holes in the bus pieces had to be exact. EMS was very helpful in pointing out all the dimensions that they needed to make the pieces I needed. I had deadlines that I had to meet to make the project a success. They provided quotes and the bus fabrication in a very timely fashion to help me meet my deadlines. I checked every bus piece and found their fabrication to be exactly as specified. Each of the bus pieces fit in the application as intended. I was ecstatic to say the least! This part of our project was very critical to our overall success. Our customer was very pleased with the results. You can be sure that I will select EMS to help on any future projects involving bus manufacturing.”