bus bar power distribution

Bus Bar Power Distribution Systems

Copper Bus Bar Types, Attributes and Applications

Bus bar power distribution systems consist of copper conductors, typically interlocked to produce different configurations and lengths. Bus bar offers a uniform solution for mounting and connecting electrical components within the control panel. It offers superior mechanical and electrical bracing, and is compliant with major international standards and regulations, such as CE, UL/cUL, GL and CSA.

Bus bar systems can be found across the globe in a wide array of industries, including marine, transportation, telecommunications, utility and power generation.

There are a variety of bus bar systems, which offer unique advantages depending on the desired requirements and necessary application.

Some of the more common bus bar systems include:

  • Single Bus Bar System
  • Double Bus Bar System
  • Double Bus Bar System with Bypass Isolators
  • Main and Transfer Bus Bar System

In general, bus bar systems will have several components and attributes in common with each other, such as:

  • Copper bus bar (flat or formed)
  • Splice connectors
  • Touch-safe system covers
  • Circuit breaker adapters and fuse base adapters
  • Component adapters for panel mounted devices and DIN-mountable controls
  • Connection accessories

Whether you’re looking for marine, earthing, solar, or any other bus bar solution, EMS can help. Our experts will help you determine the best bus bar system for your unique needs.

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