Understanding Busbar Function and Purpose

Today’s electric infrastructure requires immense conduction for safe and reliable power distribution. Busbars have proven to be an effective device for this purpose. They have replaced traditional wiring systems with efficient grounding, conduction, and distribution in many industrial applications. This article provides basic information about bus bars, their purpose, and contemporary applications.

What is a Busbar and How Does It Work?

Busbars are metallic strips or bars housed with other electrical components for local power distribution. Supported by air within insulated pillars, the busbar collects incoming electricity and conducts it for distribution to outgoing feeders. They are typically made from solid or hollow  conductive metals, such as copper, aluminum, or brass.

The busbar may also feature tin or silver plating to prevent oxidation, and/or a copper coating to improve its temperature threshold. They may be laminated (rigid) or flexible.

Photo of Copper busbar with red epoxy coating

What Are Busbars Used For?

Many industrial, commercial, and military applications utilize busbars for small and large-scale power distribution. Busbars are commonly used for the following:

  • Telecommunications
  • Power switch systems
  • MIlitary equipment systems
  • Power generation system
  • Electrical vehicle fuel cells
  • Transformers and charging stations
  • Generators

The Benefits of Busbar Electrical Systems

Busbar systems have shown to be more reliable than traditional wiring for high current power distribution. Installation is quick, so projects can begin faster and more efficiently. Subsequently, there are fewer facility costs with busbar systems.

Additionally, busbar systems last longer due to recent advancements in outlet plug-ins. These plug-ins reduce the need for busbar replacements and its respective waste. Electricians can simply connect or disconnect the busbar without servicing the rest of the electrical system.

Looking for a Custom Busbar Manufacturer?

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