Understanding Busbar Function and Purpose

Busbars are metallic strips used to ground, conduct, and distribute electricity. They are uniquely shaped, sized, and coated to determine ampacity and electrical conductivity in various industrial and commercial applications.

Marine Bus Bar and the Effect on Ship Power Distribution

Marine bus bar plays a powerful role in ship power distribution. Find out why copper busbar is preferred over aluminum in marine applications and the role bus bar plays in switchboards and other machines and equipment on-board.

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Aluminum Bus Bar vs Copper

Recent innovations in value-add bus bar services, as well as supplemental alloy combinations over purity has produced a noticeable shift with demand moving back toward aluminum bus bar. Below, our bus bar manufacturers explain common misconceptions and differences in aluminum bus bar vs copper.

Bus Bar Material Comparison

Bus bar material comparison chart for both copper and aluminum. Compare various bus bar properties between copper and aluminum.

Marine Bus Bar Maintenance

Power distribution and control systems are at the core of marine vessels, yet they are often the least appreciated – until power failure occurs.