Transformer Bus Bar Design & Arrangement Considerations

Bus Bar Manufacturers Advise on Important Considerations for Bus Bar Systems in Power Transmission Applications

When it comes to bus bar for the power transmission industry, there are several critical bus bar design and arrangement considerations to take into account before choosing your final bus bar system.

Selection of bus bar systems weigh heavily on factors, such as flexibility, reliability and future expansion.

Below, bus bar manufacturers at EMS Industrial advise on key considerations to help you determine the best bus bar system for your power transmission requirements.

Design Considerations

There are several key bus bar design considerations to take into account for bus bar in electrical stations and substations, including:

  • Will you be Using Rigid or Strain Bus?
  • Will you be Using Aluminum or Copper Bus Bar?
  • Is Shield Wire Required?
  • Should 2 Insulator Stacks be used with Disconnecting Switches or 3?
  • Do you need a Ground Switch?
  • Will there be Horizontal or Vertical Switches?

Arrangement Considerations

When choosing the right bus bar arrangement, there are some key arrangement considerations to address, including:

  • Operational Flexibility Required
  • Complete Shut Down Protection
  • Initial Installation Cost
  • Bus Bar Load Handling
  • Controller Motor Voltage Required
  • Future Expansion Opportunities

Arrangements Types

Depending on design and arrangement considerations, the optimal bus bar system for your power transmission application may be:

  • Single
  • Single with Sectionalization
  • Double with Single Breaker
  • Double with 2 Circuit breaker
  • Breaker and a Half with 2 Main Buses
  • Main Bus and Transfer Bus
  • Double with Bypass Isolator
  • Ring

Other Consideration Resources

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