Top 5 Reasons to Switch Bus Bar Manufacturers

Find out What Opportunities You Might be Missing out on by Staying with Your Current Bus Bar Supplier

Unless your current bus bar supplier betrayed your confidence or trust, why would you switch?

If you don’t stop to analyze the current state of your bus bar supplier, you might not realize what opportunities you’re foregoing.

Outlined below are the top 5 considerations for switching bus bar suppliers. If your current bus bar supplier meets all of these requirements great; but if not, you’d be wise to switch.

Opportunity #1: Economics of Raw Materials + Stock Strategy

Missed: To help keep overhead costs low, many bus bar manufacturers will only stock a limited supply of material. When material runs low (whether scheduled or unexpected), these manufacturers must restock to keep up with demand. Unfortunately, this means being vulnerable to economic price swings, which is subsequently reflected in the overall cost of your project.

Gained: It’s wise to work with a bus bar manufacturer that has a material purchasing department who continually monitors raw material prices to ensure bulk quantities of copper & aluminum are purchased when prices are at their lowest.

A well-equipped bus bar supplier will also house a safety net of aluminum and copper inventory, so when emergency or urgent order needs happen your supplier is ready and able to serve your needs.

Opportunity #2: Innovative & Forward-Thinking

Missed: Although your bus bar manufacturer may be able to satisfy your current industry application needs, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be qualified to advise expertise as your industry or application undergoes advanced innovations.

Gained: Working with a bus bar manufacturer who stays on the cutting edge of power distribution trends and advancements across various industries means that instead of trying to rise to new challenges that are surfacing, these companies are already waiting at the summit.

Opportunity #3: Sophisticated Service Capabilities

Missed: Many bus bar manufacturers simply do not have the capital, resources or expertise to provide complete bus bar services in-house. When these bus bar suppliers cannot fulfill your exact needs, they are forced to use third parties, which increases your project costs.

Gained: Partner with a bus bar manufacturer who is qualified and well-equipped to handle all your bus bar needs in-house with sophisticated capabilities, like:

  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Fiber Laser Cutting
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Plating (Tin, Silver, Nickel)
  • Bending
  • CNC Punching & Press Brake
  • Machining
  • Assembly

Whether you have complex, custom bus bar design needs or something basic & straight-forward, make sure your bus bar partner has the service capabilities required to enhance your application’s power distribution system.

Opportunity #4: Elevated Experiences

Missed: Most bus bar companies operate within normal business hours – whether overseas or right here at home. This means that if you’re in a different time zone than your bus bar supplier, you have no choice but to wait until the business re-opens and someone gets around to calling you back.

Gained: Choose a bus bar supplier that’s in your time zone or puts incredible emphasis on ensuring their technical experts are available to customers outside of business hours….or better yet….both!

Opportunity #5: Customer Portfolio Diversification

Missed: The problem with bus bar manufacturers who do not have a diverse customer portfolio is that they run the risk of an easy collapse. If they lose one or more of their primary revenue generating accounts (for whatever reason), your current project & future needs may be shut down until you’re able to find another qualified supplier who can support your needs.

Gained: Aside from economic security, partnering with a bus bar company that holds a diverse customer portfolio – working with iconic innovators in the energy industry like General Electric (GE), Schneider Electric, or even Rolls-Royce, as well as those with a more modest influence – means the company has the experts and capabilities to execute projects at scale.

Bus bar companies that have a diverse portfolio also typically have dedicated technical account support specialists for the large accounts, as well as the smaller ones – so no matter the size of your company or your project, you’ll get the same level of expertise.

Flip the Switch to Maximize Your Opportunities

EMS meets all of the above qualifications by leveraging:

  • Raw Material Economics
    • Our commitment to staying sharp on raw material trends makes us incredibly cost-competitive.
  • Strategic Stocking
    • We house a robust inventory of aluminum and copper sheet to accommodate large-scale bus bar orders, as well as satisfy the raw material needs of OEMs.
    • We have the agility to handle any emergency or urgent order needs with quick turnaround.
  • Innovative & Forward Thinking Teams
    • We employ teams of experts and thought leaders to give us the sharpest industry edge.
  • Sophisticated, In-House Service Capabilities
    • Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to create a finished product that meets your specific needs for:
      • Design Configuration
      • Sizing
      • Voltage
      • Ampacity
      • Material
      • Coating / Insulation / Protection
      • Plating
    • Elevated Customer Experiences
      • We believe in providing the highest level of technical expertise to all our customers – serving your needs even after office hours are over.
      • We value being the best, instead of the biggest.
    • A Diverse Customer Portfolio
      • From local OEMs to global OEMs, we fabricate electrical bus bar solutions to meet specific industry and application requirements.